Anderstorp "comeback"

Dennis Strandberg was back behind the wheel on the Lestrup Racing Team's VW Golf GTI TCR after almost two months without racing when Strandberg was forced to stand out Karlskoga due to economic reasons.

But to Anderstorp, Dennis was back with much motivation and high expectations. Test 1 and 2 were about to re-enter the drive after such a long time away as well as finding the settings for Dennis driving style. Going in to qualifying, the team had found some improvement and it led to p10-p9-p9.

Race 1 started well with a couple of passings and felt like good speed in the car but after a proper dive into the final curve which unfortunately led Strandberg into Brink and saw himself spinning into the rack. Strandberg continued and pressed a few quick lap times before crossing the finish line in 18th place.

Race 2 went even worse, a good start from p9 and managed to just miss a crash in the first curve that led to safetycar. When the restart went, Dennis was fighting straight away, but due to a bad exit from the 3rd curve he was surrounded by an Audi, which he then went in and took back for the first velodrome, but instead of driving right, Dennis received some good help from behind and drove straight forward instead witch lead to retire.

Race 3 new energy was gathered for today's final race on this bad race day. A bad start due to a non-functioning clutch caused Dennis to drop a few places but fought further and drove up and finished in a 6th place just behind the Skåne rival Brink.

- Well, this was definitely not what me or the team had expected, we had great expectations for this weekend, but not driving in 2 months is far from optimal. But we'll take it well and throw it out and work hard to get to the final in Mantorp in two weeks! / Dennis