SPA Francorchamps

SPA Francorchamps delivered as always! "the place that always has rain" didnt show this year either. Wonderful weather, great event and podiums! What more to ask for?!

Miltek Sport Volkswagen Racing Cup was the prime event for Dennis this weekend. Back in Maximum Motorsport's VW Scirocco Dennis raced at Brands Hatch for the VAG Trophy back in May. SPA is a track that Dennis knows well and that was shown straight away in FP1. Not far off pace from lap one. Getting a few laps in on fp1 and the car was mega straight away! 
Went in to qualifying Saturday morning and Strandberg got Pole by 0.5 seconds! Couldn't be much happier considering his frist apperence in the series and at SPA in a front wheel drive car! 

Race 1 was later that same day and from pole to a very close win just in front of Walker-Tully. Dennis led all race exept a few corners on lap 4. 
Race 2 on Sunday morning was harder for Dennis who started in 7th position due to a revered grid for top 7 and an extra 40 kilos added to his car for the win in race 1. Dennis was flying the first couple of laps and got up to P2 rather quick. But due to extra 40kg the front tires did wear off pretty quick and the times dropped. Got passed by his teammate Tom Witts, and just two coners later Strandberg got a little bump from Walker-Tully, noting big just a rear corner touch going in to the corner wich made Dennis go sideways but managed to get it straight again when Dennis front right and Walker-Tully's rear left wheels got together and both of the cars jump and spun off. Walker-Tully went in the gravel and Dennis had to drive slowly in to the pits for a new front tire. Got out again and thanks to a Safety Car Dennis catched up with the rest. But green flag on the last lap didn't help.. Dennis couldn't hold the pace and could only cruice in on a p11. But the race weekend didn't end there for Dennis Strandberg....


Straight after qualifying in VW Scirocco, Andy Krik Team Manager of Kinetix Motorsport came up and ask Dennis to join the team for the 25h Fun Cup race beacuse the teams head driver Chris Webster got sick and had to go back to UK and didn't know if he could come back or not.

Dennis and his dad didn't need much time or they didn't have much time to think either beacuse the breifing was 20 minutes later. Went to breifing with the other 550 drivers and the straight in the VW Scirocco for race 1!

Later that evening it was time for qualifying in the Fun Cup. Dennis got a quick tour of the Fun Cup car, getting familiar with "all the buttons" and seat position etc. It was the biggest steering wheel he'd ever seen! Qualifying started and was on for the next 4h. 
The drivers in the team was a line up of Jade Edwards, James Harrison, Michelle Hayward and Chris Webster. A great group of people and Dennis knew all exept Michelle from British GT last year. Qualifying went well and they ended up p7 in class and 107 over all. The biggest startgrid ever for the Fun Cup 25h with 124 cars running! 

Saturday was raceday! The race start was 1650 and James did the first stint, he did a great start and just had one little contact in the opening laps. This led to losing 4 laps in the race. but still had over 24h to go so nothing to be sad about! Every driver and Mechanic did an absolute brilliant job and after Dennis first stint that ended by midnight the team was up to p4 in class! Jade got in the car after Dennis everytime and she was on it straight away! Solid laps are what wins a endurance race and the drivers did nothing else. Getting to morning and the car was still running great, drivers and team started to be a bit tired but no mistakes was made! The team boss and main driver Chris Webster got out an did one stint in the morning and came in to be taken care of Kermit the frog. Just an awesome way to get in after his first stint in this long race!
with about 90 minutes to go, Team Kinetix was 4 laps behind p1 but p2-p4 was on the same laps and only seconds seperated them. Dennis got the pleasure to do the last stint and bring home the car in p2. Michelle handed over the car to Dennis and it was on, it was a sprint to the finish line and Dennis set off! After just a few laps Dennis got a calming message on the radio saying, we are now 3 laps ahead off p3 beacuse they did an extra pitstop. So cruising to finish bringing the car home in p2 in class p34 of all 124 cars that started. An absolute great performance from the UK based team's first 25h race ever! 

"This was so much fun, proper fun! To be with this team, the drivers, mechanics, everyone is just brilliant! I had so much fun with them and in the car. Not a quick car but that wasn't needed! And after all this finishing p2 in class p34 overall in just the top of the iceberg. I really hope to do this for next year as well!"