VdeV Ginetta G57 Motorland Aragon

When attending the BTCC Official Tyre test at Snetterton, Dennis got a phone call from Mike Simpson wondering if he would fancy doing VdeV 4h at Motorland Aragon in a Ginetta G57.

Obviously the answer was YES! Went from Snetterton to the airport later that Thursday, heading to Barcelona, Spain.

Woke up in Barcelona Friday morning and drove to Motorland Aragon about 2,5h away. Got to the track. This was a track Dennis didn't have any experience from at all, except from watching a MotoGP race or two. 
But not only was the track new to the driver, he didn't have any experience with this type of car either! So for the second day in a row he will have to get out there and give it all he got in a brand new car! 
The Ginetta G57 is a prototype car, a V8 engine that produces about 500 BHP and 900KG, loads of downforce and mega brakes. The complete opposite from Thursdays BTCC car that was very soft and moving around, this G57 was just planted, mega grip and you could feel every thing through the bottom. So new track, new car, and a new teammate - Pepe Massot.

Unfortunately they didn’t get much driving in FP1 or FP2 but got out and did a good solid run at FP3 Saturday morning. Such a cool track with so many blind corners, height changes and long straights. The blind corners and the low visibility from the car made it hard for Dennis to learn them both at once. But after a couple of laps in free practice it was time for qualifying. Dennis went out first on an old set of tires to try out the cars new setup. Unfortunatly Dennis happened to get struck by another car and got left in the gravel, pulled up by marshals and drove to the box where the team fitted a new front and some duct tape to send out Pepe on his quail run. Pepe did a good job despite the circumstances and got a time to match P2 and together Dennis and Pepe had P2 overall. After this heroic drive the car got disqualified from qualifying for not changing driver ID, something you have to do so they can see that both drivers were out. This was just a communication issue so can’t blame anyone.

Sunday means race day! 
Dennis started the race dead last after the DQ in qualifying, but in a car that were so much quicker than the other ones in the back. 
Dennis got up on the inside of a Ferrari going in to the first corner when the accident happened.  A Viper pulled in right infront of Dennis and the Ferrari and it was to late for Dennis to see the car so he smashed right in to it. This led to a damaged front and a damaged wishbone. Dennis got the car back to the garage and everyone at Ginetta did a mega job and everyone helped out to get the car going again! They lost about 14 laps but got out again, still a 4h race so anything could happen! 
And so it did. After Strandberg has done about 45 minutes of driving, the bad luck struck the team again, a gearbox failure. The first gearbox failure on a G57. That was it. The race was over.

”I had a great time on and off track, an amazing car to drive and such cool track! Its just to bad that we had the luck we had and that I made a rookie mistake, I should have thought about something like that would happen.. But big thanks to everyone at Ginetta and also the guys from Simpson Motorsport and CWS Racing that helped out when we had damage! Onwards and upwards!”