Maximum Motorsport BTCC Test

Dennis Strandberg was out testing Maximum Motorsport, Ford Focus BTCC car at Snetterton 300 for Dunlop Tyre Test.

Maximum Motorsport is the team Dennis did his first FWD race at Brands Hatch with the VW Scirocco at the VAG Trophy meeting. After proving he could drive even a front wheel drive car Strandberg got the chance to do it in the teams BTCC car. 

A brand new experience for Dennis, a FWD that is nothing like the Scirocco he drove at Brands Hatch. This was something completely different, in this car you attack the curbs, it’s soft so everything moves and you need to think of the throttle like a ON/OFF switch.

But after a half day off testing in the Focus he had some good lap times considering only his 2nd outing in a FWD race car.

Only time will tell if we ever see Dennis in BTCC but wouldn’t it be nice to have a new super swede since Ricard Rydell in the biggest series of Britain?