Vag trophy brands hatch

Dennis Strandberg did a one off race in the Maximum Motorsport VAG Trophy at Brands Hatch Indy 2016-05-15 and got his first ever front wheel drive experience.
It didn't take long before he got his hands around the car and how to drive it. Dennis showed some good pace from the begining on friday testing. Despite missing out on one session due to a shock problem he felt ready for qualifying on Saturday morning. 

But then the bad luck started as the VW Scirocco got an oil leak and started to smoke alot. After 5 laps it was redflag and he went in the pits sitting on pole for the moment. The team couldnt find the problem so they desided to retire. 
After working hard to find the problem to race 1 later same day the car was ready to start from 13th position. Getting up to top ten in the first 4 laps bad luck was there again. With an engine failure we had to retire once again. 

Waking up sunday morning with new energy and new motivation we came up to the track. A new engine had been installed overnight and it was running and ready! From deadlast in race 2 p27 Dennis felt exited, he knew he could go fast and go far, but just how far? Strandberg got an super start getting around on the outside and got up to p16 by turn 3.
 - I had the most fun race I've had in a long time with overtakings almost every lap for the first 11 laps, Dennis said.
Got up to p8 when there had been an huge crash and we had redflag out. With a standing restart from 8th Dennis got up to 6th after the first corner and getting 5th in corner two. Bad luck hits again as he gets a hard hit in the back going in to turn 3 wich ment a tour to the grass and a engine stop. Got back on track with about 5 minutes left of the race, from p19th or something, got up to 16th before the checkered flag.

Getting on to race 3 after the team was reapairing the wounds from the hit and Dennis got two place grid penalty for touching another car.. 
So a start it was and he was quickly up to around 10th, did a mistake and went off track for a while showing his rallying skills. Lost a couple of places that he later gained. Passed the finish line in 9th.

- A weekend with alot of fun in the Maximum Motorsport Team and a great experience for me as a driver. Sure I didn't get the results that I deserved but I guess thats racing, we dont give up for that! Dennis said after the weekend.

Click HERE to watch Dennis fly trough the field of race 2